“Qua – At the beginning of time” (2009).

Info sheet:


“At the beginning of time, our world was a desert illuminated by two suns where the mankind barely could keep alive and the night was unknown. Meanwhile one sun provided life, the other one provided a sure death. Then, the change started…”.

Personal Comments:

This shortfilm project started as a personal challenge after finishing “Return to the Dream”. The main goal was to improve my ability to tell a story with images, developing a silent plot that only with main action, carefully camera placement and film cut, the story got alive. Secondarily, I tried to improve my abilities animating and postprocessing, although I reached mainly the second objective; a big amount of the good visual success are founded on an almost neurotic searching of new postprocessing techniques; more than an a half of the shoots were redesigned until 5 times in render and postprocessing steps, which involved more than half a year spent on visual look improvement and establishsing a visual standar for the rest of the work to be done.

Plot material is based on a chinese legend called “QUA”, that I found looking for inspirational ideas at Internet. Briefly, tells how in our ancient past, the Moon was very hot and shiny, more than the Sun, impeding normal life course. One day, a man called Qua climbed a hill and thrown a handful of sand to the star, extinguishing its fire. The wounded moon runned far away in the space, so far that its light was harmful no more, but its surface would be marked forever with scars and wounds after the sand touch, as we know today. Plot basis was so visually powerful that I only needed creating a couple of characters and motivations in order to get an alive story and start working.

Always improving. The best and the worst:

  • The best: visual appeal; the story is simple but quite understable.
  • The worst: character animation and design should have got more development.

General Info:

Title: “Qua”.
English Title: “Qua”.
Released: July 2009.
Length: 9 minutes 15 seconds.

Production Info:

Director: Andrés Vidal Alarcón.
Production company:Lolita Peliculitas S.L.
Writing: Andrés Vidal Alarcón, with wise advices from Rebeca Ruíz Pérez y Roberto Pérez Gayo.
Art: Modelling & Animation: Andrés Vidal Alarcón, David Pascua Paños, David García Badillo.
Postprocessing & Film Cut: Andrés Vidal Alarcón.
Narrator: Sofía Comas.
Music: Abel H. Pozuelo.
Sound Edition & Effects: Daniel Ripoll.
Distribution company: Promofest.

Awards and official selections:
  • Platinum Remi Award for Best Animation Shortfilm at Houston 43th AnnualWorldFest (USA).
  • 3º Award at Certamen de Cortometrajes Pozuelo Cine (Spain).
  • 6th Beloit International Film Festival (USA).
  • Astoria/LIC Film Festival (USA).
  • 16th Annual Temecula Valley International Film & Music Festival (USA).
  • Atlanta Shortsfest 2010 (USA).
  • Prince Edward Island International Film Festival (Canada).
  • Roving Eye Film Festival (USA).
  • Rhode Island Film Festival -listed on “The Academy Awards” Festivals List (“Oscars”)- (USA).
  • Sedona International Film Festival (USA).
  • International Fest of Contemporary Animation & Media-Art LINOLEUM 2010 (Russia).
  • Cambofest, Cambodia Film Festival 4th Edition (Cambodia).
  • Fincortex – Festival internacional de cortometrajes experimentales en Tunja (Colombia).
  • FIA´12 (Uruguay).
  • I Festival Internacional de Animación en Venezuela (Venezuela).
  • Riviera Maya Underground Film Festival 2012 (México).
  • 5º Festival de cortometrajes de Hayah (Panama).
  • Video Jujuy Cortos (Argentina).
  • Cine Digital FENAVID (Bolivia).
  • XXXVII Jornada Internacional de Cinema da Bahia (Brazil).
  • 4º Festival de Cine Cultura y vida (México).
  • Festival Internacional de Cine de los Derechos Humanos “Bolivia el Séptimo Ojo es Tuyo” (Bolivia).
  • Cinesul 2010. Festival Iberoamericano de Cine y Video (Brazil).
  • Olavarria international short film festival (Argentina).
  • İkinci El Film Festivali (Turkey).
  • 22nd Istanbul International Short Film Festival (Turkey).
  • Razor Reel Fantastic Film Festival Brudge 2010 (Belgium).
  • 7th Naoussa International Film Festival (Greece).
  • Cyprus International Film Festival 2010 (Cyprus).
  • 38th Festival of Nations, Ebensee (Austria).
  • BuSho Film Festival 2010 (Hungary).
  • CINEMADAMARE 2010, Main Competition (Italy).
  • 2010 Gold Lion Film Festival (Swaziland, South Africa, Lesotho and Mozambique).
  • XIX Trofeu Torretes de Curtmetratges  FESTIMATGE 2013 (Spain).
  • Festival de cortometrajes PACAS 2.0 2012 (Spain).
  • IV Certamen de cortometrajes Alcorcón 2010 (Spain).
  • Festival Nacional de Cortometrajes al Aire Libre Rec – Ribadedeva en corto (Spain).
  • Festival internacional de cine para la infancia y la juventud – FICI (Spain).
  • II Festival De Cine Para La Diversidad “Andoenredando”
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  • I Certamen “Segundo de Chomón” de Cortometrajes con Efectos Especiales (Spain).
  • Festival de Creación Audiovisual Joven (Festival Baumann) 2010 (Spain).
  • Muestra de cortometrajes “Sueño de una noche en corto” (Spain).
  • Tercera edición de ISLANTILLA CINÉFORUM (Spain).
  • Higuera en corto 201º (Spain).
  • 5ª edición del Corto Festival DUNAS de Cine y Vídeo de Fuerteventura 2010 (Spain).
  • XV Festival de Villa de Errenteria (Spain).
  • 17 Festival Internacional de Cine de Medio Ambiente de Barcelona (Spain).
  • Jornadas de Cine “Villa de La Almunia” (Spain).
  • Premios ACE 2010 (Spain).
  • III Festival Internacional ALOCORTICO (Spain).
  • X Festival de Cortometrajes “Asier Errasti” de Eibar (Spain).
  • IV Concurso de Cortometrajes Premio Objetivo, dentro de la XIII Muestra de cine Independiente y Fantástico de Toledo (Spain).
  • 15 concurs Estatal de curtmetrages de Ciutat de Valls 09 (Spain).
  • Festival de Cine San Martín de la Vega 2009 (Spain).
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  • Festival de cine fantastico Fancine 19 (Spain).