“Transthreeded – A Transformers spoof” (2010).

Info sheet:


“Universe, the last frontier. Conquest, the only reason to function. Earth, the next target. However, sometimes size matters, especially if you’re an alien invader robot”.

Personal Comments:

After finishing “Qua”, I wanted to take some time to improve and learn. I spent a few months to understand how the 3D stereoscopic systems work. As a free time project, I started a stereoscopic animation parody of “Transformers” saga. I wanted to work on something quite different, funny, light and absurd, little by little, without a clear deadline.

The executed stereoscopic work serves as an artistic searching of all the stereoscopic possibilities in the world of 3D animation.

Always improving. The best and the worst:

  • The best: at last, a comedy short film and I could play with a transformable transformer!! ^,^ .
  • The worst: a rigging expert would have been needed in order to improve the robot animation.

General Info:

Title: “Transthreeded”.
Released: December 2010.
Length: 2 minutes 35 seconds.

Production Info:

Director & Writing: Andrés Vidal Alarcón.
Production company: Arteneo / Avaray Works.
Art Modelling & Animation: Andrés Vidal Alarcón.
Postprocessing & Film Cut: Andrés Vidal Alarcón.
Music: Daniel Ripoll.
Sound Edition & Effects: Daniel Ripoll.
Distribution company: Promofest.

Official selections:
3D stereoscopic gallery (anaglyph/polarised):
  • New York Int’l Children’s Film Festival – NYICFF (USA).
  • Amelia Island Film Festival (USA).
  • Beloit Film Festival (USA).
  • 8th Annual Macon Film Festival (USA).
  • Melbourne International Animation Festival (Australia).
  • Byron Bay Film Festival (Australia).
  • ISFFDetmold (Germany).
  • Animax Skopje Fest 2012 (Macedonia).
  • Multivision 2012 (Russia).
  • Kinofest (Romania).
  • Film Video Montecatini 2012 (Italy).
  • AnimaCaxias Festival de Cinema (Brasil).
  • Certamen Internacional de Cortometrajes “Roberto di Chiara” Florencio Varela (Argentina).
  • FICH – Festival Internacional de Cine de Hermosillo (México).
  • Bienal Internacional de Video y Cine Contemporáneo VIDEOFEST2K12 (México).
  • Festival Internacional de Toluca 2012 (México).
  • 29 Festival de cine de Bogotá – Bogocine (Colombia).
  • Eko International Film Festival (Nigeria).
  • III Muestra de Cortometraje de Infantil y Primaria de Leganés (Spain).
  • Video Corto Joven DECORTOÁN (Spain).
  • Barcelona VisualSound (Spain).
  • Ateneo Ferrolán: XII Xornadas “Mostra de Curtametraxes” 2012 (Spain).
  • Enkarcine 2012 (Spain).
  • IX KO&DIGITAL (Spain).
  • Animainzón 2012 (Spain).
  • 4´en corto – Alcorac 1968 (Spain).
  • Ciclo paralelo del 19º Festival Internacional de Jóvenes Realizadores 2012 (FIJR) (Spain).
  • Festival EnMut 2012 (Spain).
  • Mercado Internacional 3d Wire 2011 (Spain).
  • DogVille Film Festival 2011 (Spain).
  • Sicarm 2011 (Spain).