Rookie works – “Trekkie Fantasy” (2003).

“I travelled from a cliff to deep space…”

Personal Comments:

In March 2003 I had spent three months learning 3D modelling and basic objects animation when I was offered the chance of making a small final course project. Despite my inexperience, unknowing of how to make 3d characters and a very elemental technical basis, I decided to reach to my maximum potential at the time making a first short film.
Unknowing of how to make a character is a great limitation. That defined what kind of work to do. If you can not do something beauty using tools that you don´t have, do it with the tools that you actually have. Indeed, you can tell a good story using paper napkins with painted eyes on them. I have been always an science fiction lover; some sequences to remember forever are those classical music scenes from “2001: A Space Odyssey”, where the plot only describes how a ship goes from the point A to the point B but the film shows for minutes the space and ships as they were a pure Nature spectacle, moved at classical music pace, without sound effects or explosions.

This shortfilm start point is based on that: music and images blend together in order to create a particular atmosphere.

The other inspirational force was my liking of Star Trek saga. After deciding to base on this film and series art, I decided to do it well, what maked me to develop an intense documentation work of hundreds of photographs of the original film models and special effects techniques.

The original plot would have been a medium lenght film, about half an hour. In the original story, those ships would have worked as characters, with their own wills and opposed objectives, epic battle and beauty resolution included. This plot storyboard worked nicely, but I discovered soon that in an animation production times are always tyrannical. Finally, I decided to develop an autoconclusive sequence which involved a lot of differents backgrounds.

From my point of view and considering my knowledges at the moment, it looks very well. It was a great learning experience.

Always improving. The best and the worst:

  • The Best: starships appeal, despite some technical errors; there are some good shoots and the shortfilm has certain poetyc feeling as intended.
  • The Worst: there are a lot of props and scenarios grossly done; i was a newbie.


Title: “Trekkie Fantasy”
Released: October 2003
Length: 9 minutes 24 seconds