I am a digital illustrator with a wide experience in videogames, marketing, animation and editorial art. My works usually have been seen as full of personality and creativity. My main interest is to create bold and emotional characters, worlds and environments. I got an high artistic level in different realistic and cartoon styles. Also, I am a proficient visual narrator and storyboard artist.

As an additional benefit I have extensive knowledge and experience in many other areas of digital creation like 3D graphics, game engines, storytelling, animation, film cut, post production, FX, stereoscopy, graphic design and pixel art. It may not be easy to find a person with that reasonable professional quality in so many areas. This is also a plus to improve team working; I am in a strong position to coordinate my work with any other workmate, understand them, assist them in their tasks or manage a group of artists. I always lend a hand if I can.

Over the years I also gained a wide experience regarding to different workflows types, big and little projects, and ways of team management, from rigid project structures to flowing and organic ones. Also, I am used to resolve very different kind of projects and considered a very proactive person both in easy and in difficult working environments. That led me in the past to gain some degree of management duties in my career from soft management assistance to lead artist.

I am committed to professional self-improvement, usually investing a lot of my free time on personal artistic projects and self-development.

You may call me a person of many interests. That is why I am able to work on the artistic and technical side of project as to train and teach martial arts, start new business or being always interested in humanities and sciences. I can be as a quite social and extroverted person as a reflexive and observer one. This soft background has served me well to understand people goals and personalities.

Main artistic skills:

  • Art direction and management.
  • Illustration.
  • Concept art (character and scenery design).
  • 3D Graphics; modelling, shading and rendering.

Secondary artistic skills:

  • Animation filmmaking and storytelling.
  • Advanced postproduction.
  • 3D Stereoscopy.
  • Video editing.
  • Graphic design.
  • Pixel art.

Let’s talk:

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