Animation shortfilms

In my animation short film projects I have always searched for a personal storytelling style. I am quite an admirer of some classic cinema and anime directors which have influenced immensely my style. I see the animation not as a “family” genre but as an special and delicate way to communicate all kinds of stories, characters and situations. Perhaps the more refined and capable of all medias because makes possible to create everything, from music to color and rythm, in a special and personal manner.

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  • Protected: “Working for you” – WIP shortfilm.

    Protected: “Working for you” – WIP shortfilm.

  • “Return to the Dream” (2012, 2005).

    “Return to the Dream” (2012, 2005).

  • “Transthreeded – A Transformers spoof” (2010).

    “Transthreeded – A Transformers spoof” (2010).

  • “Qua – At the beginning of time” (2009).

    “Qua – At the beginning of time” (2009).