Dolores Entertainment games and apps (2010-2013).

Pig Rider fight cardgame (unpublished):

This “Pig Rider” project has been our main personal once for years of working and reworking it. Many well known publishers have been interested along this time, mainly due to their appreciation to the art work, but until now nobody took a step forward in order to finance the game, which would have been needed because it is conceived as a huge casual game. Their decision was motivated due to some reasonable game design and game prototype deficiencies.

It tells the story of a kid who founds a cracked egg containing a baby flying pig with crippled wings. Both became life friends and some time after the kid grew into a teen, they found that the little pig can provide him with some superpowers and a fancy pig rider costume. From this moment, they start a search for the pig origins, fighting several troops and final bosses in different sceneries.

The game fighting mechanics were based on physical card games, with two different card deck types, and a turn system. In order to make the game quite dynamic, only a few turns were allowed with very limited time. You could also play a “story mode” and a “fight between friends mode” through wifi nets and internet. The chosen bussines model was “free to play”, selling new card deck and scenery updates periodically; the collecting impulse was going to be one of the main forces in game playability. 

My role in this project was in many ways a labor of love because i became enthusiastic with it. I acted as art director, creating the first character designs that were later adapted by the 2D animator (Stephen Hausdorff). I also painted all the backgrounds, the first 20 cards and designed the graphic style used on the game interfaces and menus. Because the main story is quite influenced by japanese productions as “Power Rangers” and other anime series, the art style was influenced by anime style.

Although this project could be never published, I am proud of it.

Soccer quizgame (unpublished):

This soccer based quiz game was offered as a potential franchised game to FC Barcelona and Real Madrid FC. Unfortunately they were not interested or had just licenced similar games at the moment. The scenario was conceived as some “Soccer casual universe”, avoiding dark colors and using nature, vegetation and water as main elements. Due to this “casual” atmosphere, the characters were drawn in a quite familiar and likeable style.

2013 - Vectron: back to 1979:

Vectron, takes you back to 1979, when arcades where something brand new and the graphics where not as important as now. If you liked SpaceInvaders and Phoenix, you will love this game, with the sounds and feeling of true arcades from dose days.

Developer: Dolores Entertainment.
PublisherDolores Entertainment.
Web: Apple AppStore site.

I worked on those points:

  • Splash Screen.
  • GUI.
2012 - The Alphabet Game / Pasapalabra:

“Introducing the game version of the succesful TV program based on alphabet and words. Will you be able to complete the famous Pasapalabra letter ring? Get enough seconds to find out it or play in Ring mode against your friends. You will get the same experience as Pasapalabra contestants!”.

Developer: Mediaset.
Publisher: Mediaset.
Web: Apple AppStore site.

I acted in this game as 3D&2D supervisor, specially in character design, character 3D model corrections and GUI graphic design.

2011 - L-Fun 45:

This game won appreciation as 2nd best 2011 iOS music game for “L-Fun 45″ at BestAppEverAwards.

“Help Nathan getting back his love in this indie musical for iPhone! Play the rhythm game and keep up with the music to find your summer fling. Charismatic characters, a funny story, indie music of your favourite Elefant bands and a mini game. Play with the songs from many of The School, Helen Love, La Casa Azul, Papa Topo, Fitness Forever, Cooper, La Bien Querida, Band À Part and a lot more…

An Indie game with Indie music. What else could you ask for?”.

Developer: Dolores Entertainment and Elefant Records.
Publisher: Dolores Entertainment.
Web: Apple AppStore site.

I worked on those points:

  • Story and plot first treatment.
  • Original character design, which were remaded by Stephen Hausdorff, the game animator, in a new style. Also, I worked on some secondary characters animations: this is the first time I’ve done a complete 2D animation after years animating 3D characters.
  • Almost all painted game and video promos backgrounds, following Stephen´s style.
  • Video editing and postproduction.
Illustrations gallery:
2011 - Super 3:

“Now, series and programs from Super3 channel are available on your iPhone! You will see a lot of Super3 family videos, Mic, Doraemon, Espies de veritat … And the most popular songs and dances! You also could hear and learn the song “Per molts anys.” Pay attention to the upcoming application updates, you will find soon new surprising features. “

Developer: Dolores Entertainment and Televisió de Catalunya.
Publisher: CCRTV Interactiva.
Web: Apple AppStore site.

I worked in this project mainly as a graphic designer and composer, because most of the art used were provided by TV3 itself.