“Working for you” – WIP shortfilm.

About this project:

My personal animations works always come from the necessity to search for new and uncommon stories to be told as animation shortfilms. I am deeply convinced since more than ten years that western animation currently needs a strong shock in order to evolve. Animation is only a way of communicating and telling stories but the mayor part of commercial and independent animation projects are about the very same kind of characters, stories, gags and plots one time and another again since… more than six decades. Of course, animation has evolved, but is a kind of technical evolution from black and white animation to hyperrealistic 3D animation and an update of the boring and recurrent plot elements to the new generations’ moods. Of course, there have been true and timid exceptions like some great Pixar films, which use the always present elements in a new way inspired by Hayao Miyazaki trueheart told stories.

This point of view is not very popular among the average moviegoers and the average animation industry workers but is plently extended among beginners and high level experienced animation industry professionals, all of them eager to see and work on a new kind of animation, nearest to what it always had to have been, true cinema telling true stories.

The story of this projects starts as a random search for new ideas in long and boring train trip in 2009 easter holidays. In that time the current financial and economic crisis that is demolishing the way of living, ethic values and social rules in many of the western countries was just starting. I conjetured where we were going to as society and sadly the reality is going exactly the way I expected, dehumanizing people and ethics in favour of the financial especulation and political propaganda. This shortfilm premise is a dystopian one inspired by the current status quo, and highly influenced by previous dystopic classic stories like “1984”, “Brave new world” and “V for Vendetta”, three visions that I highly consider are being plenty fulfilled in different social contexts. That fulfilling depends on if you are going or not the way the main social forces want you to go.

Because this project is a very personal and complicated one, I am taking all the time I need to complete it. At the very beginning I realized myself that my screenwriting habilities were far beyond the needs of this story as my drawing level and other artistic skills. So I have been those years working on my usual professional projects and investing a lot of my free time in improving my skills. Only since 2011 I started to work at a very quietly pace on this project with no hurry at all. With that non ambitious but constant approach I true believe that, now that the preproduction steps are almost completed, this project has just become a very high level and unique one, at its own pace.

Provisional animatic cut to date:
Working character concept samples:
Working scenery concept samples:
Storyboard/Animatic samples: