I tell and explore stories.

Stories about characters, worlds and daily feelings or about what I find at the borders of my imagination. Now I do it mainly through drawing and painting, mostly for fun and to understand life. Other times, as a job (working at this is fun most of the time!). It is wonderful when both things happen to coincide. Guess that is the reason of me being praised as a maker of pieces full of personality and creativity.

I got a wide experience in videogames, animation, marketing, magazines, museum art and editorial art in the past, recognized with some awards.

Live in Madrid, Spain, and really like films, animation, animals, martial arts and almost any kind of cheese.


  • Art direction.
  • Illustration.
  • Concept art (character and scenery design).
  • Animation filmmaking and storytelling.

Let’s talk:

  • projects @ avaray . com
  • Skype – avarayworks

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Available for commissions.