“Trina Zero” animation commercial (2017).

Visual development:

The client was looking for different realistic approachs to a mediterranean beach snack bar for its upcoming animation commercial for “Trina”, a popular cool orange drink in Spain and Portugal that belongs to “Schweppes” group (which belongs in turn to Suntory Limited). These animation commercials are starred by a recurrent cast of fruit characters at the series.

The first step was to find some approved reference as a point to start working from. Then, several different architectural styles were tested and developed for choosing and camera placement purposes. After that, a camera test was developed and filled with selected looks and details. Also, a terrain map to the background was added in order to provide the best guide to studio 3D artists.

Final result:

Finally, after a pre production meeting with the client the final version of the animation commercial was animated and rendered by The Frank Barton Company guys (incredible and nice people). Here the final result.