“Low energy and constant recycling world” (2015).

This is an A2 huge digital painting that tries to anticipate our society one hundred years into the future. With no oil to support transportation and material scale production, the new world will turn to recycling and manual labor, aided by the shy contribution of renewable energy.

Detail close-ups:
Illustra-Futurs winner:

The painting won a future themed interrnational illustration award: Illustra-Futurs. It made me gain a lot of visibility at media and social media which is always something very welcomed.

Advanced Photoshop magazine:

This painting was also released as a five pages tutorial at the pro magazine Advanced Photoshop. Issue 133, March 2015.

Horizontal version:

A: composition. B: draft line. C: palette. D: draft lighting. E: refinig some details. F: changing the design of the focal point for a more dare one. G and H: lots of more and more refining.

After finishing this painting I was also asked for an horizontal version, so I adapted the painting to that format, adding some extra details and designs to the composition. Perspective got a little crippled but still works.